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LIA CAR Updates

LIA CAR Journal 2021 and the revision of LIA CAR Journal 2020
are now ready. Find them on the JOURNALS page.

Front Cover-CAR Journal 2021
CAR Journal 2020

LIA Webinar Series about CAR Part 3 2022

Coming soon in August!

LIA Research Colloquium

LIA Classroom Action Research

LIA Classroom Action Research


Starting from the year 2007, LB LIA has consistently conducted LIA Classroom Action Research (CAR) Colloquium annually as a means to motivate its teachers to always try out new teaching strategies and find more effective ways to facilitate learning.

Procedure of Joining LIA CAR

CAR Procedure
Every year, Monev & QC Department provides a theme for the research and teacher-researchers are suggested to conduct their research based on the provided theme. After that, there are steps that they need to follow to join this event:


Submit their research abstracts to Monev & QC Department through the submission section for abstract on this landing page. The incoming abstracts will be rated by the selection team.


Continue the research and write full papers if the abstracts are accepted.


Send the full papers through the above-mentioned submission section for full papers. The full papers will go through a selection process, too.


Present the results of their research on LIA Classroom Action Research Colloquium if the full papers are accepted. The accepted full papers will be compiled into a journal.

LIA CAR Journey

LIA CAR Journey-illustration

2007 - Now - Future

LIA CAR Journey

The 15th LIA Virtual CAR Colloquium

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Poster of CAR 2022
Click the Events-menu button to find more detailed information about The 15th LIA Classroom Action Research 2022:
1. Call for Papers
2. Files of abstract writing
3. Submission section
4. Detailed SOP of abstract and full paper submisson
5. Selection team members
We are looking forward to your participation in this year’s event.


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